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Why Join Cookieland?

  • Small friendly community (we’re all friends)
  • Embracing fun & imagination!
  • Tons to explore! 10+ Community areas
  • Tons to do! Survival, Creative, Parkour, PVP, and Mob Arena!

What is it?

The server is a custom whitelisted Bukkit server currently running Minecraft JAVA Edition (version 1.8.9) There is much to explore in the native land of cookies! Such places include: Creative, Survival, Mob Arena, PVP, and much much more coming soon!

We are ultimately aiming to create a friendly virtual world similar along the lines of the previously famous virtual universe “PS Home” released years ago via PlayStation. Become a CookieLander today!

Curious to see our plans for the server? Take a peek at our Roadmap